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“Glue has really made updating and notifying our customers easy. We just post to one place and then it’s spread all across the web and we can post from anywhere using the iPhone app.”

- IAN FERRELL of Cliklabs

“I'm not sure I would be able to update my site without it. Definitely wouldn't be as easy!”

- JOSH DOBSON of Concours D'Elegance

“It's been a lifesaver… Saves so much time and the interface is great. It’s very clean and to the point.”

- J. BEASLEY of Midnight Morning Inc.

“Glue has literally taken hours out of my work week. I tell all my customers who use social media about how it has changed the way I work.”

- CHRIS MILLER of The Red Hot

“We just started using it but we love it! It has made our lives so much easier with posting content to all of our social networks!”

- THE MEMBERS of The Stone Foxes

“I'm sooooo glad i found your product, it has to be the easiest online tool I've used since Google, it used to be such a chore to post things to sites etc.”